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Worker's Compensation

If you've been injured at work,‭ ‬you probably have a number of questions regarding‭ ‬your legal rights and obligations.‭ 


For example:

  • Have you reported the injury properly and timely to the employer‭? 
  • Has the employer accepted the claim‭? 
  • If the claim has been denied,‭ ‬what can you do‭? 
  • Are you receiving the correct amount of benefits‭? 
  • Do you have to treat with the‭ "‬company doctors‭" ‬and for how long‭?

In most instances,‭ ‬we can answer those questions for you and put your mind at ease‭ ‬ ‬without charging you a fee.‭ ‬We only charge a fee when we successfully litigate matters on your behalf.  Providing a long explanation of your rights on a website isn't nearly as useful as discussing your case with one of our attorneys - call us today to discuss your case for free! ‭ ‬


Additionally,‭ ‬if you've been offered a lump-sum to settle your claim,‭ ‬we can evaluate the offer to see if it makes sense for you to settle,‭ ‬and if the settlement is fair to you.‭ ‬Call us today so we can evaluate your claim and discuss your options.


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Social Security Disability

Did you know that nearly‭ ‬two thirds of all initial applications are turned down by the local Social Security offices‭? ‬Many of these claims can potentially be won on appeal.‭ ‬If you've applied and been turned down for Social Security Disability‭ (‬SSD‭) ‬or Supplemental Security Income‭ (‬SSI‭) ‬benefits,‭ ‬contact our office.‭ 


You only have‭ ‬60‭ ‬days to file an appeal from the Notice of Disapproved Claim letter.‭ ‬Contact us now to discuss your claim.‭ ‬You'll speak directly with one‭ ‬of our attorneys who will provide a free consultation regarding your claim.


More information on Social Security claims >>

Veterans Administration

If you've received an unfavorable Rating Decision,‭ ‬or only a partially favorable Rating Decision,‭ ‬contact our offices to discuss your options for appeal.‭ ‬Attorney Ryan Woodske is certified for practice before the VA.


Unemployment Compensation

Our office has represented employers and employees‭ ‬in unemployment compensation matters before the Referee,‭ ‬Unemployment Compensation Board of Review,‭ ‬and Commonwealth Court.‭ ‬If you need to appeal the initial decision from the unemployment compensation office,‭ ‬you only have‭ ‬15‭ ‬days to file.‭ ‬Contact our office for a free consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss your claim.
Already have a pending unemployment hearing‭? ‬Frequently,‭ ‬unemployment cases hinge on the issues of willful misconduct or voluntary quit.‭ ‬Call us so we can discuss your case and‭ ‬which party must‭ ‬prove the conduct that led to your separation from employment.


Other Legal Fields

Please contact us today,‭ ‬and we will gladly assist and discuss your case.‭ ‬We also handle matters involving the following:

  •  Juvenile Dependency
  •  Municipal Authorities Law
  •  Personal injury law

Do you have questions or would you like to make an appointment‭? ‬Please call our Beaver County office at‭ (‬724‭) ‬775-9955‭ ‬or use our contact form.

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